Open position for a PhD (Economics, Management and Similar) researcher (Investigador junior/ Recognised Researcher (R2)) for the research project “Vine&Wine Portugal”, supported by the PRR – Recovery and Resilience Plan and the NextGeneration EU European Funds, under the Mobilizing Agendas for Reindustrialisation

Brief description of work plan:

The researcher will develop its research and development (R&D) activity within the scope of the “Vine&Wine Portugal” project. The following R&D activities should be emphasized: 1) Establishing, assessing and strengthening the impact of sustainable and smart innovations for a specialization towards sustainable competitiveness of the Portuguese wine industry and wine regions; 2) Design and conduct a cost-benefit analysis of sustainable and smart innovations at the firm level; 3)Establish the state of the art regarding the measurement and evaluation of sustainable competitiveness at different scales; 4)Design, test and implement an integrated methodology/framework to measure and evaluate the sustainable competitiveness of the wine industry at global, national and regional levels; 5) Develop a composite index to measure, evaluate and monitor the effect of sustainable and smart innovations on sustainable competitiveness at the level of the wine industry and wine regions.

Full-time, 36 months contract. Immediate availability required

Details available: (

DR 248, II série, Aviso (extrato) n.º 24152/2022, de 27 de dezembro

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