The Portuguese Association of Political Economy and CETRAD organised the 6th annual Political Economy Meeting at the University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, in Vila Real (Portugal) from 26 to 28 January.
The meeting gathered more than 150 people among students of different cycles and researchers from different disciplinary areas and approaches, who understand economic phenomena as being eminently configured by social, political, legal, cultural, technological and ecological factors and must be studied in their institutional, historical and geographical contexts.
To view the content of the meeting, please find below the videos of the event.

Cetrad – VI Encontro Anual de Economia Politica 27janeiro2023 – YouTube

Cetrad – VI Encontro Anual de Economia Política – “Desenvolvimento em tempos de crise” 28janeiro2023 – YouTube

Cetrad – “Deve a inflação ser combatida através do controlo estratégico dos preços?” 28janeiro2023 – YouTube

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