Creating knowledge built on innovative approaches aimed at promoting inclusive smart sustainable wellbeing development policies, strategies, processes and in low-density territories by understanding how better overcoming the barriers derived from insufficient embeddedness, feeble connectivity, and limited relatedness.

CETRAD’s strategic objectives

Rethinking development models for low-density regions in the light of social transformations triggered by demographical, climate and digital transitions at global and the local level.

Excelling as a reference in the design of integrative conceptual and analytical frameworks supportive of scientific advance and application of social and territorial inclusive place-based sustainable innovation ecosystems in rural areas and small-medium-sized towns.

Leading co-creation processes and offering knowledge intensive services to support agro-ecological sustainable and competitive transitions in agrifood sector and rural areas.

Qualifying tourism to deliver innovative responses to challenges of demographical, climate, and digital transition in low-density territories

Advancing knowledge frontier for inter- and transdisciplinary approaches and practices

Steering participative and collaborative approaches to support social capital building in low-density territories

Generating a scientific environment enhancing cooperation and networking and facilitating high quality standards in advanced training and in early research careers