CETRAD researchers Lívia Madureira, Patrícia Martins and Teresa Sequeira participated in the 29th Congress of APDR (Portuguese Association for Regional Development), under the umbrella title “Islands and peripheral territories: challenges in a moving geography and changing “climate” patterns”, held in June 29-30th of 2022, at University of Madeira, in the city of Funchal The researchers presented communications, respectively “Can place-based territorial intelligence tackle shrinking low density regions challenges?” (L. Madureira), “Caracterização económica, populacional e social das regiões portuguesas e as finanças locais: uma análise de clusters” (P. Martins), and “Learning Villages, Green Future and Quality of Life: a Portuguese village study case” (T. Sequeira). These communications presented on-going research at the CETRAD, and the respective abstracts are (will be soon) available at http://www.apdr.pt/congresso/2022/.

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