The second session of the Territory Talks | O(S) FUTURO(S) DO(S) TERRITÓRIO(S) cycle took place on Wednesday, 6 July, from 6 to 7 p.m., with a focus on the territorial impact of the demographic crisis.

For this session, CETRAD invited professor and researcher Teresa Ferreira Rodrigues, from the Department of Political Studies IPRI- NOVA/CIDIUM, to speak on the theme – The Portuguese population in 2050 – and reflect on the nuclear question: what will be the impact of the demographic crisis on territories?

Organized in the framework of CETRAD’s 20th anniversary, the “Territory Talks” are a contribution to imagine and (re)think about the place territories can and should occupy in the construction of a prospective, desirable and possible scenario for Portugal, in the light of the major societal, environmental and technological challenges of the 21st century: the demographic transition/crisis; the climate crisis, the efficient use of resources and the safeguarding of natural ecosystems, agriculture and the transition of the global food system, the reconfiguration of the globalisation model and re-industrialisation, the digital transformation of society and the new models for work and the mobility of individuals and companies, the crisis of democracy and how to encourage citizen action.

The conversations on The Future(s) of the Territory(s) are scheduled until June 2023.

The June session Foresight Portugal 2030: does the territory come in and counts?, with José Félix Ribeiro, is available at

About Teresa Ferreira Rodrigues

Professor at the Department of Political Studies, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, NOVA University of Lisbon. She is also invited professor at NOVA Information Management School and at the Instituto Universitario General Gutiérrez Mellado de Investigación sobre la Paz, la Seguridad y la Defensa, Ministerio de la Defensa Nacional and UNED-Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia.

National Defence Auditor, she coordinates three post-graduate courses, within the scope of Globalisation, Security, Intelligence and Diplomacy Studies, in partnership with the Intelligence Services of the Portuguese Republic, the Military University Institute, the National Defence Institute and the Diplomatic Institute. Author or co-author of over one hundred articles and books in the areas of migration, ageing and health, urban history, prospective analysis and planning and security studies.


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