The University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD) hosted the ISCBE 2024, an event that established itself as a great success in sharing knowledge about the social and economic challenges that mark the current landscape.

Bringing together researchers and experts from around the world, the event, co-organized by the Faculty of Business and Economics of the Southeast European University (SEEU) of North Macedonia and UTAD (CETRAD), provided a dynamic space for in-depth discussions on crucial topics such as:

  • Post-pandemic economic recovery: Strategies to boost growth and overcome the persistent impacts of the global crisis.
  • Adapting to uncertainty: Innovative approaches to navigating an ever-changing economic environment.
  • Sustainable growth: Promoting balanced economic development that is environmentally responsible.
  • Digital transformations: The crucial role of technology in redefining business models and creating new opportunities.

ISCBE 2024 distinguished itself as a unique platform for the exchange of ideas and the promotion of international collaboration. The active participation of doctoral students enriched the discussions, promoting the exchange of knowledge between junior and experienced researchers, and also with the next generation of business leaders.

A highlight of the event was the awarding of one of the “Best Paper” award to the paper “Creativity and Innovation: What Influences Entrepreneurial Orientation in Creative Industries?”. This work, co-authored by Professor Carla Susana Marques and Professor Anderson Galvão, both researchers at CETRAD, and their doctoral student Sofia Silva, stands out for its relevance and originality in analyzing the factors that influence entrepreneurial orientation in creative industries.

The success of ISCBE 2024 demonstrates UTAD’s commitment to promoting research excellence and critical debate on the economic challenges of our time. The organization of the event reinforces the University’s position as a reference center for the dissemination of knowledge and the training of new leaders capable of facing the challenges of the future.

By bringing together researchers, experts and students from different backgrounds and areas of knowledge, ISCBE 2024 made a significant contribution to building a more prosperous and sustainable future. The exchange of ideas and international collaboration are essential tools for navigating a world in constant transformation and finding innovative solutions to the economic challenges we face.

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