Since 2022, a group of scholars has been meeting on a regular basis to discuss a wide variety of topics around ‘Innovation & Transition’.  This group, GEIT – Grupo de Estudos de Inovações e Transições -, is made up of researchers from Brazilian and Portuguese universities incorporating diverse academic backgrounds.

At each meeting, organised online, one of the members presents his/her ongoing research project and shares his/her findings that are relevant to innovation and transition. The meetings usually conclude with a lively exchange of ideas, discussion of competing interpretations and approaches and suggestions of relevant literature and tools that could contribute to the further development of the original research. This vibrant group is coordinated by a CETRAD researcher, Fabíola Sostmeyer Polita.

As Fabíola explains, this initiative arose from the shared need among researchers to enhance the research process on innovation & transition by identifying and merging the theoretical and practical contributions of ongoing investigations in this field. “As a result, we can expand our capacity to develop novel research “paths” and distinguish our scientific output. There are numerous groups studying the process of transition in other countries, but we wanted to gather the experiences that represent our reality and reflect our interests and challenges. We aim to create synergies that result from new ways of collaborations,” adds Fabíola.  The next step is to extend the group’s activities to the entire Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries, bringing together researchers from different scientific areas and from different geographical locations. From September onwards, the group sessions will be accessible to all who are interested in the topic of innovation & transition. The next meeting will take place on the 27th of September at 7 pm (WEST), which is 3 pm in Brazil, and can be accessed via the link:

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