CETRAD Coordinators:

Luzia Oca González

Involved Members:

Project Coordinator:

Maribel del Pozo Treviño (Universidade de Vigo)

Project Typology:

Commissioned Studies

Responsible Researcher at the CETRAD:

Luzia Oca González

CETRAD Researchers in the team:



31 578,94€



Starting Date:



24 months


This project, financed by the Directorate General for External Relations and the European Union, will first carry out a diagnostic analysis of the situation of interpreting and translation in this field. It will then carry out a series of actions, such as the elaboration of a guide of good practices for NGDOs and another for interpreters, the culturally adapted translation of materials for NGDOs and the provision of specialised training so that the staff of these entities know how to work with interpreters and translators. All of this with the aim of contributing to meeting this need from the specific nature of the field we are dealing with and from a human rights perspective.

See more information at: https://melinco.webs.uvigo.es/


Cooperacíon Galega, Universidad de Vigo, Xunta de Galicia