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Carlos de Oliveira Fernandes

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Carlos de Oliveira Fernandes

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999 818,00 €


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42 months


The INCOME Tourism project aims to foster a new learning approach, linked to the development of soft skills and based on a cooperative learning process that brings together higher education institutions and businesses in the tourism industry.
The development of the learning model will be carried out by HEIs in close consultation with the businesses. The HEIs will also collaborate with tourism businesses and sectoral associations in the identification of the relevant skills that graduates should develop, and in the design of the disciplines and of the conditions for these skills to be acquired and put into practice in the piloting experience of the project during a whole academic year. Another innovative element of the project is that the learning trios – students, in-company tutors and HEI tutors – will have the opportunity to travel to Germany and learn from the dual German model, within a mobility programme at the University of Ravensburg and its partner companies, maximising the learning exchange.

See more information at: http://income-tourism-project.eu/


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