CETRAD Coordinators:

Alberto Moreira Baptista

Involved Members:

Anderson Galvão

Project Coordinator:


Project Typology:

NORTE 2020

Responsible Researcher at the CETRAD:

Alberto Moreira Baptista

CETRAD Researchers in the team:

Anderson Galvão


600 000€



Starting Date:



24 months


It is called Douro Creative Hub and is a project that aims to identify, stimulate and promote Creative Industries in the 19 municipalities that make up the NUT III Douro region. It is expected that by working on these three aspects, the Douro Creative Hub will contribute strongly to the enhancement of the region’s resources – human, material and immaterial – and that it will serve as a launch pad for a future Creative Industries Hub in inland Portugal.
The Creative Industries include all activities that have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent and have the potential to create employment and wealth, through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property (performing and visual arts, literature, publishing, fashion, cinema, music, architecture, cultural tourism, gastronomy, craftsmanship and jewellery, radio, television, educational software, entertainment and others, design and advertising), producing goods and services with a market objective, according to the concept defended by ADDICT – the Agency for the Development of Creative Industries in Portugal.

See more information at: https://noticias.utad.pt/blog/2017/12/06/douro-creative-hub-criatividade-ao-servico-da-regiao/