CETRAD Coordinators:

Timothy Leonard Koehnen

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Project Coordinator:

Timothy Leonard Koehnen

Project Typology:

FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia & COMPETE 2020

Responsible Researcher at the CETRAD:

Timothy Leonard Koehnen

CETRAD Researchers in the team:



225 000€


225 000€

Starting Date:



36 months


The Centre for Transdisciplinary Studies for Development (CETRAD), anchored at the University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD) currently develops the activities provided for in its Strategic Project (2015-2020), these being funded by: European Structural and Investment Funds, in its ERDF component, through the Competitiveness and Internationalisation Operational Programme (COMPETE 2020) [Project No. 006971 (UID/SOC/04011); Funding Reference: POCI-01-0145-FEDER-006971]; and by National Funds through FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology, under the project UID/SOC/04011/2013. The total funding granted for the first three years of implementation of the Strategic Project (2015-2017) is 225,000.00 euros (ERDF Rate: 85.00%; ERDF Grant: 191,250.00 euros).

CETRAD Strategic Project (2015-2020) – DESCRIPTION
The research promoted in the period 2015-2020 fits into a matrix composed of 3 research groups (GIs) (Tourism, identities and cultural heritage; Innovation, organizations and markets; and Society, territory, resources and policies) and 6 thematic lines of research (LTIs), reflecting the evolution in the number, interests and skills of the integrated members of the Centre. CETRAD’s mission is made operational through these LTIs, whose projects will focus on agri-food sustainability, social exclusion, socio-territorial cohesion, local entrepreneurship, valor(iz)ation of heritage and environmental goods/services, and tourism and development.

CETRAD supports regional development by:
(1) identifying endogenous resources (mainly in agri-food, environment and tourism/ heritage) with potential to be valorised in the market;
(2) articulating endogenous development and social inclusion, for the benefit of regional empowerment and cohesion;
(3) identifying innovative and sustainable forms of entrepreneurship capable of creating value and employment, fixing them in the territory.

CETRAD collaborates with other Research Centres at UTAD, in the region and in Spain with complementary interests, thus reinforcing UTAD’s role as a regional and cross-border Hub for advanced training and applied research.

CETRAD Strategic Project (2015-2020) – OBJECTIVES
The main objectives of CETRAD are:
1. To develop research focused mainly on rural territories, using inter-, multi- and transdisciplinary approaches and comparative approaches, applicable to processes of socio-economic change;
2. To analyse the factors that contribute to territorial exclusion, converting the results into proposals for the development of more innovative, intelligent, inclusive and sustainable territories;

See more information at: www.cetrad.utad.pt