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Maria Isabel Ribeiro

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Responsible Researcher at the CETRAD:

Maria Isabel Ribeiro

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586 440,00 €


Starting Date:



36 months


The general aim of the project is to promote social inclusion, equity and wellbeing for risk families in Europe through an intervention program for parents of children with special needs.
The Project aims at solving the following objectives:

  • Diagnose the level of social inclusion, stress and wellbeing of 1500 families parenting children with special needs through a cross-sectional and cross” national research;
  • Developing a psycho-educational & social intervention program for fostering wellbeing for families of children with special needs;
  • Validating the psycho-educational &social intervention program for risk families through the implementation with 360 parents from European countries of partnership;
  • Raising the awareness of the communities regarding the specific needs for social inclusion of risk families and disadvantaged parents of children with special needs through conducting an information campaign;
  • Developing a psycho-educational kit comprising two working tools for trainers specialized in working with disadvantaged parents;
  • Improving parenting skills and parent “child relationships through developing an integrative.

See more information at: https://epale.ec.europa.eu/en/content/building-bridges-promoting-social-inclusion-and-wellbeing-parents-children-special-needs


Universidade Stefan cel Mare
Universidade de Lleida – UDL
Universidade de Zagreb – UZb
Universidade de Klaipeda – UKl
Universidade Bogazici – UB