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Telmo Humberto Lapa Caria

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Commissioned Studies

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Telmo Humberto Lapa Caria

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14 months


Autoethnography represents an excellent tool for gaining a deep understanding of oneself and others. However, the fear of presenting meaningless stories or of producing an untimely autobiography at self-elevating moments is only one of the elements that can interfere with and pose a challenge to autoethnographic research. The seminar aims to trace and compare different experiences of autoethnographic research within a broader qualitative research process. During the meeting, practical dilemmas and problems, as well as potentialities and advantages, of autoethnography will be discussed, taking into account some of the main contributions to the autoethnographic method. Session participants will be invited to contribute on some open questions in the ongoing work.

See more information at: https://geacc.hypotheses.org/seminario-autoetnografias-das-praticas-e-dos-saberes-profissionais


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