Veronika Joukes has a PhD in social sciences from UTAD, a Master’s degree from the University of Porto and a Bachelor’s degree (licentie; 4 years) from the University of Louvain (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), both in Modern History. Her teaching is mainly linked to the Tourism Bachelor of UTAD. She is a full researcher at CETRAD. She has a (leading) role in the Erasmus+ projects CultRural+, INTEGRURAL and LEARNVIL. Previous projects she worked for are SILVHER, CULTOUR+, DOUROTUR, GEOARPAD, and INNOVINE & WINE PLATFORM. The latter analysed, among others, wine tourism in the north of Portugal. Her areas of interest are sustainable/responsible tourism, health and wellness tourism, history of tourism, e-/b-learning in tourism, and interactive teaching methods.

Main Publications:

Joukes, V. (2021). Enoturismo em Portugal. In Portugal e o turismo. Pinto, J. R., Mourão, L. P., Ferreira, L. (ed.), pp. 190-203.

Joukes, V., Rachão, S. e Dimitrovski, D. (2020). As rotas de vinho na Região Norte de Portugal. Revista Douro 7, pp. 165-178.

Joukes, Veronika (2019). Práticas turísticas in: O. Santana (Ed.), Para uma história do turismo no Douro. Vila Real, Minerva Transmontana, Tipografia, Lda. ISBN 978-972-8546-82-3. Pp. 93-135.

Dimitrovski, D., Joukes, V., Rachão, S. & Tibério, M. (2019). Wine Tourism Apps as Wine Destination Branding Instruments: Content and Functionality Analysis. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology,
Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 136-152. 10.1108/JHTT-10-2017-0115.

Do curso online de 9 ECTS “Digital storytelling of intangible cultural heritage” (projeto SILVHer), criou o módulo “Digital storytelling” (2019), que inclui unidades sobre a sustentabilidade e os ODS.

Main Projects:

Lidera a equipa da UTAD do projeto Erasmus+ CultRural+. Projeto n.º 2019-1-ES01-KA204-065372 (2019-2022).

Liderou a equipa portuguesa do projeto Erasmus+ SILVHer. Project n.º. 2018-1-IT02-KA203-048412 (2018-2021).

Investigadora do projeto INNOVINE&WINE – Plataforma de Inovação da Vinha e do Vinho (NORTH – 01-0145-FEDER-000038). Linha de investigação: Competitiveness. Wine tourism & gastronomy (2015-2019).

Investigadora do projeto DOUROTUR – Turismo e Inovação tecnológica no Douro. NORTE2020 – Programas ICDT; projeto n.º NORTE-45-2015-22 (2015-2019).

Liderou a equipa portuguesa do projeto Erasmus+ CULTOUR+. Projeto n.º 2015-1-ES01-KA203-016142 (2015-2018).