Sofia Gouveia is Assistant Professor of Economics at Department of Economics, Sociology and Management and researcher in the Centre for Transdiciplinary Development Studies (CETRAD), University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), Vila Real,Portugal. She holds a PhD in Economics from UTAD (2009) and a Masters in Economics from University of Porto (2001). Sofia conducts research in international economics, monetary integration and wine economics.

Main Publications:

International trade, non-tariff measures, and climate change: Insights from Port wine exports” (with Anthony Macedo, João Rebelo, João Santos, and Helder Fraga), Journal of Economic Studies, 48(6), October 2021 ,1228-1243

Export propensity and intensity in the wine industry: A fractional econometric approach” (with Anthony Macedo and João Rebelo), Bio-based and Applied Economics. 8(3), July 2020, 261-277.

European integration and its effects on population in border and peripheral regions” (with Correia, Leonida and Patrícia Martins), Eastern Journal of European Studies –11 (SI), November 2020, 8-27.

FIRMS’ EXPORT PERFORMANCE: A FRACTIONAL ECONOMETRIC APPROACH” (with Samuel Faria and João Rebelo), Journal of Business Economics and Management. 2020, Volume 21 Issue 2, March 2020, 521–542.

Horizontal Differentiation and Determinants of Wine Exports: Evidence from Portugal” (with Anthony Macedo and João Rebelo), Journal of Wine Economics, Vol. 5, Nº 2, November 2019, pp. 163-180.

Main Projects:

VINCI – Vin, innovation et compétitivité internationale (2019/10/01-present); Interreg – SUDOE SOE3/P2/F0917. [Team Member]

INNOVINE&WINE: Vine and Wine Innovation Platform (2016-2019); NORTE -01-0145-FEFER-000038. [Team Member]

LACES – Laboratório de apoio à criação de empregos e empresas da economia social (2017/0601-2019/12/31); Interreg- POCTEP. [Team Member]