Lecteur, professor, and researcher at University of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD,) since 1983, mainly in the fields of Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, and Econometrics, and has been Full Professor since 2002. Habilitation (2000), in Economics (Microeconomic Theory and Quantitative Methods), Ph.D. in Economics (1993), Bachelor in Economics (1980). Research´s member at CETRAD. During his career has collaborated with national and foreign universities and, at the scientific level, has almost 100 published papers, individually or as co-author, with about 50% published in refereed journals. Their specific fields of research are Productive Efficiency and Productivity, Consumer and Producer Behavior, with an emphasis on the wine industry. Since January 2020 he is vice-president of the board of the European Association of Wine Economists.

Main Publications:

Magalie Dubois, Lara Agnoli, Jean-Marie Cardebat , Raúl Compés , Benoit Faye , Bernd Frick , Davide Gaeta , Eric Giraud-Héraud, Eric Le Fur, Florine Livat, Giulio Malorgio Philippe Masset, Giulia Meloni , Vicente Pinilla, João Rebelo , Luca Rossetto, Günter Schamel and Katrin Simon-Elorz (2021). Did Wine Consumption Change During the COVID-19 Lockdown in France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal? Journal of Wine Economics, 16 (2): 131-168

Raúl Compés, Samuel Faria, Tânia Gonçalves, Vicente Pinilla, João Rebelo, Katrin-Simón-Elorz (2021). The shock of lockdown on the spending on wine in the Iberian market: the effects of procurement and consumption patterns. British Food Journal, forthcoming

Samuel Faria, Sofia Gouveia, Alexandre Guedes, João Rebelo (2021). Transient and persistent efficiency and spatial spillovers: evidence from the Portuguese wine industry. Economies, vol. 9(3): 1-20

Tânia Gonçalves, João Rebelo, Lina Lourenço-Gomes, José Caldas (2021). Wine price determinants. Is there a homogeneous international standard? Wine Economics and Policy, vol. 10(1): 33-55

Anthony Macedo, Sofia Gouveia, João Rebelo, João Santos, Hélder Fraga (2020). International trade, non-tariff measures and climate change: insights from Port wine exports. Journal of Economic Studies, vol. 48(6):1228-1243

Main Projects:

Wine, Innovation and International Competitiveness – VINCI – INTERREG SUDOE – Portuguese coordinator (2019-2023).

Wine Consumption in Europe – Before and During the Lockdown – Portugal. Included in a study by European Association of Wine Economists (2020-2021)

Vine and Wine Platform, Innovine & Wine – Line Competiveness – Coordinator (2016-2020).

Rumo Estratégico para Sector dos Vinhos do Porto e Douro (2017-2018)