Anderson Rei Galvão graduated in Economics, from the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), in 2012. He obtained a Master’s degree in Management from UTAD in 2014. His PhD in Management was obtained at the University of Beira Interior in 2019. He is currently an integrated member of the Centre for Transdisciplinary Development Studies (CETRAD) and Invited Adjunct Professor at the School of Technology and Management of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto. His main areas of interest include: entrepreneurship, innovation, knowledge transfer between university and business, regional development and internationalization.

Main Publications:

Galvão, A., Mascarenhas, C., Marques, C. & Ferreira, J. (2020). Knowledge spillovers between universities and companies of low-density territories. Knowledge Management Research & Practice.

Galvão, A. R., Mascarenhas, C., Marques, C. S., Braga, V. & Ferreira, M. (2020). Mentoring entrepreneurship in a rural territory–A qualitative exploration of an entrepreneurship program for rural areas. Journal of Rural Studies, 78, 314-324.

Galvão, A., Marques, C., Franco, M. & Mascarenhas, C. (2019). The role of start-up incubators in cooperation networks from the perspective of resource dependence and interlocking directorates. Management Decision, 57(10), 2816-2836

Galvão, A., Mendes, L., Marques, C. & Mascarenhas, C. (2019). Factors Influencing Students’ Corporate Social Responsibility Orientation in Higher Education. Journal of Cleaner Production, 215, 290-304.

Galvão, A., Ferreira, J. J. & Marques, C. (2018). Entrepreneurship education and training as facilitators of regional development: A systematic literature review. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, 25(1), 17-40.

Main Projects:

Espacio T3 – Transferencia Tecnológica Transfronteriza/Transferencia Tecnológica Transfronteiriça

Douro-C: Douro Creative Hub (ref. NORTE-02-0651-FEDER-000060)

Empreendedorismo em Meio Rural na Região do Norte (ref. NORTE-02-0651-FEDER-000025)

U.Norte INOVA (ref. NORTE-01-0246-FEDER-000005)

Lab2business (ref. NORTE-01-0246-FEDER-000011)