CETRAD participated in the 2024 edition of the International Symposium “Networks, Markets & People” (#NMP2024) under the umbrella theme “Communities, Institutions and Enterprises towards post-humanism epistemologies and AI challenges,” held from May 22 to 24, 2024, at Mediterranea University in Reggio Calabria, Italy.
The NMP is organized to receive contributions from the national and international scientific community on urban/rural dialogue within policy agendas of sustainability, transition, and cohesion, in line with the directions of the Green Deal and Agenda 2030. The 2024 edition of the International Symposium “Networks, Markets & People” (#NMP2024) aimed to promote scientific debate about the effects of contemporary environmental, technological, social, and economic global challenges on settlement systems, particularly in inner areas and metropolitan cities of the Mediterranean basin.
Lívia Madureira, CETRAD’s Director, was the keynote speaker at the Opening Plenary Session on May 22. Her talk, “Perspectives for Rural Development Policies,” was part of the panel “Policies for Cities and Regions of Southern European Countries: How to Design and Evaluate Them?” This session was integrated into the tribute to Roberto Camagni, celebrating the legacy of a great mind in regional and urban science.

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