Caroline Dominguez holds a PhD in Socio-Economics from the University of Toulouse-Le-Mirail (France). She is Assistant Professor in business/industrial management in several engineering courses at the University of Trás-os Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD). Her scientific interests and publications focus on the development of critical thinking in higher education and on management (project, operations, human resources, quality, environmental) and more recently in tourism governance. She participates (ed), as coordinator or member, in several projects as well as in events and/or conferences at national and international levels. She has coordinated several special issues for international journals. She delivers training for teachers at all levels of education on Critical Thinking education. 

Main Publications:

Isabel Moura; Caroline Dominguez; João Varajão. “Information systems project team members: factors for high performance”. The TQM Journal (2021): SCOPUS

Sacramento Octavio, Dominguez Caroline, Rodrigues Vitor, Bernardo Edgar,
(2020) Tourism governance through the eyes of local stakeholders: experiences and new possibilities in the Douro region (Portugal), International Journal of Tourism Policy (SCOPUS) 10(3), pp. 221–243

Cruz Gonçalo, Payan-Carreira Rita, Dominguez Caroline, Silva Helena, Morais Felicidade (2020) What critical thinking skills and dispositions do new graduates need for professional life? Views from Portuguese employers in different fields in Higher Education Research & Development, SCOPUS DOI: 10.1080/07294360.2020.1785401

Mendonça Alana, Mendes da Silva José, Paiva Anabela, Dominguez, Caroline (2020) “Adaptação do MIMAQ como Instrumento de Apoio aos Municípios para Melhoria da Qualidade de Projetos de Reabilitação de Edifícios de Habitação, ENCORE 2020, LNEC, 4º encontro de conservação e reabilitação de edifícios, LNEC, Lisboa, 3-6 de novembro, LNEC. Lisboa, Portugal (online) Lisboa

Vitor Gomes Rodrigues, Edgar Bernardo, Caroline Dominguez (2018). Public tourism framework in the Douro region: tourism governance in perspective in Tourism and Hospitality International Journal, Vol 10 (1), pp:55-75, ISSN: 2183-0800,

Main Projects:

  • Coordinated the Erasmus + European Funded project “Crithinkedu-Critical Thinking Across the European Higher Education Curricula”, 9 countries, 11 Higher Education Institutions, from Sept. 2016 to Aug. 2019.
  • Research member of the Dourotur project: Turismo e Inovação Tecnológica no Douro (Tourism and Technological Innovation in the Douro Region), from May 2016 to April 2019.
  • Coordination of UTAD’s participation in the OCDE project “Fostering CCT skils in Higher education (CERI-Center fir Education research and Innovation) (since 2019…ongoing)